Pentanet.GG - The Home of Esports for WA

As Western Australia’s premier esports and gaming entertainment organisation, Pentanet.GG is proud to represent our great state on the Oceanic and global stage. Whether through competition in the League of Legends Circuit Oceania (LCO) or the efforts of our affiliated content creators and streamers, Pentanet.GG is working hard to advance the gaming entertainment industry in WA.

Currently, we are in the midst of our content quest. If you’re an established streamer or content creator looking to level up your career, get in touch. We’re seeking creators across every game and genre to join our talent roster and represent PGG.

PGG was the first Oceanic team to make it past the group stage of an international LoL event at the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) in 2021. We were proud to rep WA with jerseys designed by Wandandi-Noongar artist, Tyrown. For the 2023 LCO season, we put the spotlight on the endangered and vulnerable native species of WA by making them the focus of our jerseys and fundraising and moving forward; we remain committed to giving back to our great state.

PGG is proudly Powered by Pentanet, WA’s own telco delivering next-level internet with gamers and esports fans front of mind.




The Pentanet.GG Vision

Pentanet.GG (PGG) was born from a genuine passion for all things gaming and a desire to help talented individuals reach their true potential as global esports professionals. 

We strive to create clear career pathways into the esports industry for players, content creators and casters alike as we continue building and supporting WA’s growing esports community and creating the next wave of digital entertainment and entertainers. 

Since our foundation, we’ve seen great success as champions in the LCO, and are working hard to continue our success on the international stage. 

PGG and our parent company, Pentanet, are on a mission to digitise Australia, starting with WA’s development into a thriving, international destination for esports and gaming. 



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