MSI 2021 Fixtures Released! + PABU interview in Iceland!

POSTED BY Team.GG April 30, 2021 in MSI 2021
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A letter from the General Manager

Hey NoCaps!

It’s Pete here, and in a week’s time we’ll be watching your LCO champions, our PGG, take on the world’s best in the group stages of MSI!

But instead of me boring you with some words about how we should all be what we already are, EXCITED, I thought instead it might be fun to check-in with the team fresh off the plane and on day one of being in their hotel in Reykjavik!

I caught up with everyone’s favourite jungler PABU to see how the trip over to Iceland was and what it was like to come face to face with the world’s best of the rest for the first time at the airport!

Enjoy! – Pete Curulli

MSI 2021 Schedule 1 fixtures are out!

MSI 2021 Fixtures.


If you weren’t convinced the team was really competing on the other side of the world, check out these game fixtures (in AEST)!

Staying up throughout the night has never stopped us in the past so you can be sure it won’t stop us this time. Make sure to jump on stream when the team is playing to support our ROAD TO #OCELAND.

Follow us on Twitter for our running commentary of the games and checkout the MSI LoL Fandom page for more info.

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