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POSTED BY andrewcharlton February 27, 2023 in LCO News
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We’re now heading into the playoffs, and we’re doing it in great form! Pentanet.GG’s new team has seen astonishing success this season, and we figure now’s a good time to talk a little about what makes this team such a powerhouse. After all, what makes a team great is its players, and our players are truly amazing. Let’s get to know them!

TOP LANE: Ryan ‘Chippys’ Short

A veteran of the Oceanic scene, Chippys won three back-to-back titles as a member of Dire Wolves across 2017 – 2018. Throughout the following years, Chippys has remained a name to fear in the Oceanic scene and is widely recognised as the best Oceanic carry in the Top Lane playing today. In 2022 Chippys made his first foray into coaching for the Pentanet.GG team, but now he’s returned to the Top Lane to remind everyone why they should be afraid.


A revered name in the Oceanic League of Legends scene, SHERNFIRE earned his stripes by winning four back-to-back Oceanic Pro League (OPL) titles with the Dire Wolves during their dominant 2017 – 2018 seasons. SHERNFIRE then spent the next few years in the North American academy and European regional leagues, further improving his skills. Now back in the Oceanic region, he’s keen to put his new skills to the test and earn more wins to his name.

MID LANE: Donggeun ‘DONGGY’ Kim

DONGGY made his debut in 2018 under Legacy Esports, quickly making a name for himself as a mechanically talented carry in the Top Lane. He put these talents to use when he first played for Pentanet.GG in 2022, helping us to place third and second in LCO splits one and two. His performance in the most recent Dreamhack finals is regarded as one of the best performances of his career. In 2023 DONGGY will be switching from Top Lane to Mid Lane.

MARKSMAN: ‘Violet’ Wong

Violet is recognised by many as one of the most mechanically talented AD Carries from the Oceanic region. He made his debut for Avant Gaming in 2020, and by 2021, Violet was the star performer in the Peace lineup that defeated Brazil in a best of five at the world championship and set the record for Oceania’s best performance at a world championship. Now he’s set to carry on that success here with the Pentanet.GG team in the 2023 season.

SUPPORT: Jian-Jing ‘Apii’ Yao

In the second role swap on our team for the 2023 season, Apii finds himself moving from Mid Lane to Support. Apii initially burst onto the scene as a mechanically talented Support for Legacy esports. Since then, Apii has played Top Lane and Mid Lane for Peace, playing as their Top Laner during their dominant 2021 summer split that saw Peace qualify for Worlds.


With five wins going into the playoffs, we’re more than confident in the team we’ve put together this season. The mood and camaraderie between the players have been excellent to see, and every single member has been bringing their A-game, repping the native animals of our beautiful home state. Heading into the playoffs, we’re keen to smash the competition and go all the way through to the world stage again.



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