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POSTED BY andrewcharlton February 17, 2023 in LCO News
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For the 2023 LCO season, PGG is here to make a change. Our new jerseys and branding exemplify the native fauna and flora of our home here in Western Australia. Species that are, unfortunately, all too often endangered and vulnerable.

By spotlighting them and their plight, we want to take our early first steps in doing our part to protect and support our beloved native land which will be a key focus for us throughout 2023. With five players having unique roles on our League of Legends team, it made sense to have each player represent a vulnerable WA species.

Our new wildlife branding serves as a backdrop as we aim to dominate in the League of Legends Circuit Oceania (LCO), compete in the Pacific Championship Series (PCS) playoffs, and, hopefully, the League of Legends World Championship. We’ll do it all alongside the animals that call Western Australia their home as we strive to represent it on the international stage again this 2023 season.

After all, we were the first Oceanic team to make it past the Groups stage at an international LoL competition back in 2021 at the Mid-Season Invitational. We’re keen to continue that trend and take our place on the world stage again.

Jenny Moon, the graphic designer behind this year’s jerseys, said, “As the aim of the new branding design is to show support for the conservation of WA wildlife, I wanted to accurately and respectfully represent each species and element without it appearing as an afterthought.”

The main design elements of the branding consist of the five selected vulnerable and endangered animals and the Kangaroo Paw plant, the floral emblem of Western Australia. To ensure an accurate representation of the species, Jenny worked closely with Christian, one of Pentanet’s team members who happens to have an educational background in Conservation Biology.

Jenny said, “Designing the new brand was challenging as I initially had difficulty incorporating WA wildlife design elements in an esports context. I loved the idea of including an environmental goal in competitive esports, as it showcases the industry’s ability to support important non-digital issues in the world beyond gaming.”

PGG Top Laner Chippys said, “I love the Pentanet.GG Jersey, because it’s not just another jersey design, but it has a meaning and a purpose behind its design, an intent to make a difference.”

Looking at our team’s results so far, Jenny was optimistic about their chances and is delighted to see her design brought to life on the competitive stage. She said, “with our Pentanet.GG team crushing it so far in the first split of the year, it’s exciting to see our players bring the animals on their jerseys to life and have all our graphics serve a positive purpose as the team advances through the season. I hope our fans will become more interested in WA’s unique wildlife and our message of conservation.”

And we plan to share that message with the entire world. With the help of our new sponsors this year; JBL Quantum, Home Buyers Center, Mwave, and Flex Fitness, we plan to go all the way to the top and show off WA’s beautiful fauna on the world stage. We hope we’ll have your support on that journey as well.

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