Hi my name is Kiki and I’m from Perth, Western Australia!

My journey into the gaming world was a bit of a strange one! I grew up playing your generic Crash Bandicoot, Croc, Bomberman World etc on PS1 with my brother. However, it wasn’t until I was around 15 that I accidentally walked into a LAN cafe one night and instantly became obsessed with what was happening. I quickly began making friends and learning the games like WoW, CS Source, 1.6 and StarCraft. I took a job there and worked my way up until I was offered the managers position and managed that store until I was 18.

I then enrolled in university and while there I worked part time at EB Games playing all the new releases and talking with customers about them. I eventually stumbled across Twitch and was again, completely obsessed with the business model and the thought of being able to entertain people with my loud personality and also earn money from playing games and making people happy! So a week after I graduated I dumped all my savings into a PC and never looked back!




Heya! My name is Galaxy!

I began my streaming journey in 2019, and since then, I’ve gathered a community that stretches all across the globe! In 2023, I started streaming full-time, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

Join me on Twitch, where I play everything from fantasy RPGs to shooters to Magic: the Gathering! I always enjoy a good variety of games and love interacting with my community. No matter how tough a game gets, it’s important to me that my community always feels friendly and welcoming, so come on down and let’s have a great time!



Hello to the wonderful person reading this. I’m LACE. It’s nice to meet you!

After 13 years of working in sales, I was ready for a change and decided to follow my dream of becoming a content creator. That was way back in 2018, and guess what? It paid off! Now I stream full time and have even had the opportunity to Shoutcast some fantastic events including Twitch Rivals, the Modern Warfare 2 ANZ invitationals, and Twitch streamer battles.

I mostly play Apex Legends on my own streams but have been known to venture into other titles like Cs2, Dead by Daylight, and a few horror titles when the mood strikes. I always have a great time with my chat and our community, but if you want to dip your toe in and see some of our highlights, you can check out some of my favourite moments from my streams on my YouTube channel and my TikTok.

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