Date Time Team Score Team
TUE 6 JUN6:00 PM AESTPentanet.GG1 - 1Mammoth Esports Club
WED 14 JUN8:00 PM AESTPentanet.GG1 - 1Ground Zero Gaming
TUE 20 JUN8:00 PM AESTDire Wolves1 - 1Pentanet.GG
TUE 27 JUN8:00 PM AESTPentanet.GG1 - 1The Chiefs
MON 3 JUL8:00 PM AESTTeam Bliss2 - 0Pentanet.GG
WED 5 JUL6:00 PM AESTVertex ESC0 - 2Pentanet.GG
MON 10 JUL6:00 PM AESTKanga Esports0 - 2Pentanet.GG
TUE 18 JUL5:00 PM AESTMammoth Esports Club2 - 0Pentanet.GG

Rank Team Wins Draws Losses Points
1Team Bliss5 2 0 17
1The Chiefs5 2 0 17
3Mammoth Esports Club3 3 1 12
4Dire Wolves3 2 2 11
5Pentanet.GG2 4 1 10
6Vertex ESC1 1 5 4
7Ground Zero Gaming0 2 5 2
7Kanga Esports0 2 5 2

Our friends at @homebuyerswa have just unveiled a walkthrough of their newest display home in Sinagra 🥳

It features a gaming set up, powered by our custom @MwaveAu x PGG gaming PC.

More info here 👉


Looking to level up your streaming and content career? 📈

We're looking for established creators across every game and genre to join our talent roster and represent PGG! 🌟

DM us or send an email at 📨[email protected] today!

Do you know a content hero?🧙‍♂️
Tag them below 👇

As Split 2 of the @LCO comes to a close, there's no better time to relive the highlights we've had throughout this season 😎

Check out the video below 👇


It's been a wild ride this season 🔥

Although our journey in the @LCO playoffs comes to an end tonight with a tough loss against @MAMMOTH_OCE, we didn't go down without a fight 😤

GGWP everyone 👏


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