LCO 2023 Split 2 Recap

POSTED BY andrewcharlton August 17, 2023 in LCO News
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The second Split of the year brought renewed determination and a thirst for redemption for the Pentanet.GG boys. With the memory of their top 4 knockout in Split 1 against the Direwolves still fresh, the team returned to Perth after a well-deserved break, ready to refine their approach and make their mark in the LCO.  

Split 2 brought a new best-of-two format, which proved challenging at first for the team, securing draws for multiple matches in a row. While they dropped few games overall, it was frustrating being unable to secure a definitive win.   

As the regular season progressed, the Pentanet.GG squad demonstrated remarkable growth. After a series of hard-fought battles, the team’s perseverance paid off as they secured their first 2 – 0 victories of the Split against Kanga and Vertex. These wins not only bolstered their confidence but also showcased their evolving synergy and execution on the rift.  

They followed those up with a dominant win against the Chiefs, showcasing the team’s capability to take on the best of the best, where Donggy made history by being the first LCO mid-laner to secure a pentakill! The match made PGG the first team to take down the Split’s champions during the season and prepared us well for playoffs.  


Entering the playoffs in the 5th position, the team had no room for second chances. They needed to secure two best-of-three wins and a best-of-five victory to advance to the grand finals and become an LCO representative at PCS. Facing off against Mammoth in the first round of playoffs, the Pentanet.GG squad faced a tough setback.   

Despite their strong presence in the final weeks of the regular season, they couldn’t secure the win against Mammoth, leading to an early exit from the finals race. The loss was undoubtedly a bitter pill, especially after the team’s impressive progress throughout the Split.  

While Pentanet.GG’s journey in Split 2 came to a premature end in the playoffs; their resilience and determination shone brightly. From a challenging start to securing crucial victories and challenging the league’s best, the team’s growth was evident. We remain proud of our team and their effort, and we can’t wait to see what next year brings. 

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