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POSTED BY Team.GG May 15, 2021 in LCO News
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The Rolls-Royce of coaches himself and our secret weapon, we are pumped to announce Charlie Wraith as Pentanet.GG’s Head Coach.

We’d say ‘welcome to the team’, but that’s well overdue! Charlie has been a part of and around our team since LCO Split 1, and his efforts over and above his role with the team has seen him stake his claim on the head coaching role long before this announcement. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with him, but more importantly he’s the right fit for PGG’s culture.

Charlie began his professional coaching career in by spending 2 years with Avant Gaming, helping his team qualify for a number of playoff runs. In 2019 he joined Order, where the team blasted away all expectations by running the gauntlet for two splits in a row. These runs firmly set in everyone’s minds that Charlie was one of the best coaches in the Oceanic region

This year, Charlie has been working with PGG as a coaching consultant, where he has clearly been a major factor in helping our team achieve a historic first by making it to the group stage for the first time in Oceanic history. Charlie proved very quickly that he was the right choice for PGG to bring on as a Head Coach for the League of Legends team. He’s demonstrated an excellent game knowledge, strategic understanding and player management skills. Charlie is also someone who fits well within the PGG culture, always thinking positively and supporting his teammates in their time of need.

I’m so excited that we finally get to make this official, Charlie! You’ve had all of this success during a time of juggling so much, I cannot wait to see how far you take this team into the second half of the year now that we get to have you all to ourselves! 

– Pete Curulli, PGG General Manager

Head Coach Charlie and our Stage Coach Toby ‘Udysof’ Horne have already made history with the team at MSI, and we look forward to seeing their continued success in our historic journey in #OCELAND and beyond!


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