Week 5 Recap of DoorDash LCO

POSTED BY Team.GG July 20, 2021 in LCO News
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Pete Chat – Words from the GM

Hey legends!

I’m not here to say I told you so, but I told you so. It’s still the same PGG behind the champions on the rift, and now with 4 wins on the trot it looks like our cheeky little “MSI hangover” *cough* come on *cough* – is gone, with a little added spice to boot. Given their respective split performances to date I expected we’d have good games again Mammoth and Legacy, Order is still my wildcard to do well in the split playoffs, you just don’t know which way they’ll go so I was looking forward to that match up as I expected it to be the real test for the team for the week. It felt great to bank those wins and see us claim outright second spot on the ladder.

Looking Ahead to Week 6

So what do I look for now?

It’s one thing to start stringing wins together like the PGG of Split 1, but the real test will come against the best and in Split 2 it is the Chiefs that are setting the bar.

Super Week 3 brings with it that particular challenge tonight.

But let’s be honest with ourselves – everyone is secretly in love with the villain in the story and for Chiefs fans, I am going to be only too happy to see our team of Jokers clown up and bring OCE’s mightiest heroes back down to Earth, and yes Chiefs, I know my references are from DC – but marvel at me whilst I remind you that you may as well disconnect now.

Once we clean Chiefs up it’s on with Gravitas – you know the team who stole our colours? Yeah them. You do weird things when you’re drunk on Gravitas Glory. Their intervention is coming.

Finally this week we’ll face off against Dire Wolves who are looking more like cubs at the moment.

The PGG you know and love is back. Playing with aggression. The best team fighting comp in the League, and after a few wobbly legs we’re back on our march to Worlds.

After a bit of a winning drought, we are finally coming back into our championship form. Following our 3-0 week, we look to have a repeat performance plus win a crucial game over Chiefs to keep our first place hopes alive.
– Charlie, Head Coach


Pete ‘frequency‘ Curulli




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