Week 4 Recap of DoorDash LCO

POSTED BY Team.GG July 13, 2021 in LCO News
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Pete Chat – Words from the GM

Hey, it’s me, Pete! General Manager of the MIGHTY PGG…. and yes, we are still very very MIGHTY.

I’m not going to sugar-coat it, it’s been a bloody rough start to Split 2 2021, and just like you’re thinking – probably not the start we were expecting given our Split 1 and MSI performances. Some people are calling it the MSI hangover, others have their own theories. People will write, tweet, and vod what they want but there’s one very important thing that remains true through it all and I want to take the opportunity to remind you of it. This is still the same PGG that went near perfect and made history, and if Friday night’s game against our archnemesis PEACE was anything to go by, nothing has changed.

Make no mistake – Biopanther, Pabu, Chazz, Praedyth, and Decoy are still the best team fighting roster in OCE, and teams will have their ups and downs. But it’s a marathon not a sprint.

It’s not about a loss in Week 4, it’s about the win in the grand final and that’s still a long way away. A week is a long time in the DoorDash LCO, and you’re sleeping through it if you think our team is anything less than our last match!

So, here’s a proud announcement from me to the competition – the boys have had some fun lately trying some new things, but the tweaks are being made and the hard work is being put in and PGG is coming.

Another superweek is upon us, in week 5.

Tonight we hunt Mammoths, tomorrow we chop trees, and on Friday the only Order we’ll be worried about is the one we’re putting into our DoorDash accounts to celebrate a perfect week.

Finally, it has been so incredibly uplifting to see all of the Twitter and Instagram posts of people proudly unwrapping their PGG jerseys! Wear them proudly this week and tag us so we can share the love!


Pete ‘frequency‘ Curulli




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