PGG debuts indigenous jersey design ahead of quest for global glory in Iceland

POSTED BY Team.GG May 3, 2021 in MSI 2021
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In celebration of our West Australian heritage, Pentanet.GG will debut a brand-new jersey for MSI designed by WA local indigenous artist and proud Wardandi Noongar man, Tyrown Waigana. The marbling effect in the background symbolises the ebb and flow water, specifically the Swan River, with traditional dots featured in the swirls as an ode to Noongar culture.

Tyrown said his design was inspired by the insight that players don’t have to be the most gifted physically to play esports.

“I thought of the attributes and qualities of the PGG team in relation to birds, because the swan was a mandatory feature. There are birds of prey like the eagle and hawk, however there are many other birds that live without predatory physical features.

“The jersey features five WA birds, all representing characteristics of players within the team. The black swan is bold and brave, our kookaburra is representative of the team’s love of light-hearted banter. Our willie wagtail is cunning and crafty, magpie is intelligent and playful, and Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo is a pillar of communication and community.”


Pentanet founder and Managing Director Stephen Cornish said the players chose their own birds from the piece of art that spoke to them the most.

“They didn’t know the birds would be on the jersey, but we got them to select the bird that represented their personalities and that became the piece of art portrayed on their jersey that they’ll wear on the international stage,” Mr Cornish said.

Pentanet.GG General Manager Pete Curulli said it was a privilege to work with Tyrown on the design, and hopes that showcasing indigenous art on the global stage will start the right conversations within the Oceanic esports community.

“We plan to expand our competitive teams across multiple titles with all players recruited, training and living in Western Australia. We’d love to see Indigenous youth take part in the opportunity to play professional esports and find their place in the digital landscape,” said Mr. Curulli.


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