OPL Split 2 Week 2 – Recap & Highlights Reel

POSTED BY Team.GG June 18, 2020 in OPL News
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It was a tough week in the Oceanic Pro League this past weekend for our boys, as they found themselves losing both matches to ORDER and Dire Wolves. Although with that being said, they are feeling confident coming into this weekend’s matches against Gravitas and the top dogs of the competition, Legacy Esports.

Meanwhile, our Oceanic Challenger Series team, PGG.RISE, managed to turn around their previous performance on the rift and secure their second victory of the season against the QUT Tigers – a huge confidence boost for them coming into tonight’s match against UQ Union!


Pentanet.GG vs ORDER was set to be a thriller of a match, as it was highlighted as the game of the night for day one of week two. With that being said, we found ourselves kicking it off with flying colours as Praedyth and Rogue picked up first blood in the bottom lane.

Although despite the early lead, we found ourselves stagnating towards the middle of the game and we couldn’t seem to get the ball rolling towards securing objectives. BioPanther was able to hold the team in place with some impressive displays of mechanics on his MaoKai pick, but it just wasn’t enough once we found ourselves in the later stages of the match.

Following a fight around the dragon pit, trading a few kills along the way, ORDER managed to pick up their fourth drake and push into our base to end the match just after the thirty minute mark – which spelled defeat for our team starting off the weekend.

PGG vs Dire Wolves

Likewise with our previous match-ups with ORDER, we have also traded blow for blow in the past with the Dire Wolves. But despite Dire Wolves having a rough week one, they were a whole new beast coming into week two as they came out firing against our boys on the rift.

Kicking off our second match of week two we saw yet another pocket Janna pick from BioPanther in the Top Lane, which found to put a lot of critics in their place after his performance on the champion in week one. But it seems that Dire Wolves were ready for it, as for the first ten minutes of the match they made sure he was shut down.

OPL split 2 week 2

Nonetheless we couldn’t find any leads across the board, as it seemed that Dire Wolves just had the upper hand across the board. Eventually the wolf pack made their way into our base and closed out the match in quick succession.

Words From Our Coach – @Westonway

Head Coach of our Oceanic Pro League team, Scott “Westonway” Farmer, spoke on last weekend’s matches and our game plan coming into week three.

“Last weekend we faced off against ORDER and Dire Wolves. As the two major playoff competitors last split, it was our goal to beat them and show we were ready to be a major contestant.”

“For the ORDER game, we got through to the mid game and were in a good place coming to the mid game. Unfortunately, as a result of a few errors in setup, we were unable to win the fights and eventually fell behind in the game. In the Dire Wolves game, we picked a hard scaling composition, we fell behind from an early skirmish and were unable to stop the skirmish.”

“Next week, it is our goal to bounce back and put up a good showing against Legacy to show we can be a major contender come playoffs,” concluded Scott

Pentanet.GG will be returning to the rift this weekend with matches against both Legacy Esports and Gravitas – be sure to catch both the matches!

vs. Legacy Esports / 19-06 / 6:00PM AEST
vs. Gravitas / 20-06 / 5:00PM AEST

You can catch all of the action live over on the Riot Oceania Twitch account.

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