OPL Split 2 Week 1 – Recap & Highlights Reel

POSTED BY Team.GG June 10, 2020 in OPL News
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We could not have asked for a better start to split two of the Oceanic Pro League, as our League of Legends team have come out of the weekend with a clean sweep over The Chiefs Esports Club and Mammoth Esports – what a start!

All eyes were on our team this past weekend as we were coming into the first week with a new jungler in Jackson “Pabu” Pavone, who had never played a single match in the Oceanic Pro League as a jungle.

Despite the pressure for Pabu to perform well, he managed to pull off two stellar performances – claiming the top damage done to champions for our match against The Chiefs and an impressive kill participation record against Mammoth.

PGG vs The Chiefs

Game one of split two in the Oceanic Pro League was set to be our team against an impressive Chiefs lineup who had finished 3rd/4th last split; although they had lost their support player during the off-season and were forced to bring in a substitute to fill the role.

No one could have asked for a better match to start the split. We came flying out of the gates, picking up six kills and two drakes before The Chiefs could give any answers. Pabu was all over the rift, providing assistance to every lane and making his presence known to The Chiefs’ side.

In the words of Jake “Spawn” Tiberi… “this is a stomp!”

Coming into the later stages of the match we found ourselves with a significant gold lead, mountain soul secured and baron buff active. All that was needed was for our team to group up and run down mid – in fact, that’s exactly what we did.

With that being said, game one for the split was in the bag and a weight was lifted off the teams shoulders!

PGG vs Mammoth

Likewise to both The Chiefs and ourselves, Mammoth had also made a roster change during the off-season, as they lost their star top laner to Gravitas – which force them to move their mid laner to the top lane and them bringing in a new mid laner from the Oceanic Challenger Series.

Our start against Mammoth was very different to how we started the previous day’s game against The Chiefs. Although we secured first blood, we found ourselves being down in the kill lead coming into the mid game. But despite that, Mammoth had made no progress in pushing the goal lead further despite the advantage being on their side.

Following some impressive teamwork from our boys, we managed to pick up an important team fight towards the middle of the game which netted us Soul Drake and inturn, a goal lead.

Once the Elder Dragon spawned on the rift it sounded game over for Mammoth, as we managed to shove all lanes, secure the Elder Dragon and push into their base.

Mammoth were on the back foot and we weren’t letting in pressure go as Praedyth went bezerk and picked himself up a quadra kill to end the game.

Words From Our Coach – @Westonway

Head Coach of our Oceanic Pro League team, Scott “Westonway” Farmer, spoke on last weekend’s performance by stating “I’m really happy with the results we put out this past weekend, securing a win over both Mammoth and The Chiefs.”

“For our game against Chiefs, we had prepared a special composition with Nocturne and Fiddlesticks. This combo had worked well for us in practice and provided us with a lot of teamfight power,” continued Scott.

our coach

“For the Mammoth game, our goal was to pick a safe scaling composition relying on the fact that we would be able to survive the early game and get to later game fights. Both of our game plans were executed well.”

“The goal going into week two will be to put up a similar performance and show consistency in our performance,” he concluded.

Pentanet.GG will be returning to the rift this weekend with matches against both ORDER and Dire Wolves – two tough opponents that will be hard to crack!

vs. ORDER – 12/06 – 07:00PM AEDT
vs. Dire Wolves – 13/06 – 06:00PM AEDT

You can catch all of the action live over on the Riot Oceania Twitch account.

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