Pabu, Getback and Rogue Advance to the OPL All-stars Contenders Match

POSTED BY Team.GG May 23, 2020 in OPL News
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With the recently announced Mid-Season Streamathon right around the corner, round one of Oceania’s voting process has been completed to determine who will move forward to the next stage of competing on the OPL All-Stars team against Legacy Esports.

The Mid-Season Streamathon is a 48 hour COVID-19 pandemic relief stream hosted by Riot Games. It is set to be hosting teams who had qualified for the now canceled Mid-Season Invitational facing up against selected players from their regions in a variety of show matches broadcasted to the world.

After two days of campaigning the community to rally together and vote for the players they want to see in the Mid-Season Streamathon, Riot Oceania announced yesterday the two players from each role who have been selected to move forward to the next round – three of which are players from Pentanet.GG!

Starting tonight, Riot Oceania will be hosting an OPL All-Stars Contenders match via the Legacy Esports Twitch account, in which the top two voted players from each role will battle it out in hopes of being selected for the OPL All-Stars roster for the following weekend.
Rogue lol pentanetgg
Legacy Esports today posted what the teams look like for the first of three games being played tonight.

Team One:

  • (Top) Swip3r
  • (Jungle) Pabu
  • (Mid) Claire
  • (ADC) Violet
  • (Support) Rogue

Team Two:

  • (Top) Api
  • (Jungle) Rare7
  • (Mid) Getback
  • (ADC) Leesa
  • (Support) Chippys

Given that three of our players will be competing in the event – Pabu, Getback and Rogue – be sure to keep an eye out for them throughout tonight’s matches at 7:00PM AEST!

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