Week 7 Recap of DoorDash LCO

POSTED BY Team.GG August 4, 2021 in LCO News
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Pete Chat – Words from the GM

Hey Pentafam! It’s Papa. HOW GOOD IS PGG?!

Last week was another perfect week and it’s got me all tickled pink, like Pabu’s hair.

We monstered Peace. We avenged Mammoth by beating Mammoth really quick – if you don’t know what that means then drop a quick Chiefs vs Mammoth search on reddit, you’ll find it.

We move on.

This week we’re chopping trees and ordering dubs. Legacy’s cracked. Order’s unstacked. PGG attacks. Worlds – soon we pack.

Finally, I would just like to take an opportunity to extend a warm welcome to MSI and Zenox who have climbed aboard the mighty orange and black, and a big thank you for their support as we steam towards finals. All the jokes and banter aside, supporting our team goes well beyond just seeing a group of players have everything they need to make the world stage.

It goes towards growing the local scene here in Oceania. A scene that not that long ago was on the edge of disappearing altogether. When brands dive in to support teams it’s an acknowledgement that they see the league here to stay for a long time, which means more opportunity for the next generation of incredible LOL talent to have a great place to begin their journey to become the next PGG representative.

One other thing, if you’re reading Sliding Doors from Snowball Esports this week tell AWray I said get used to it. Can’t wait to be done with the formalities so we can take our ties off and get ready for the big dance.

“Practice is paying off, we are well and truly back to our playoffs-winning form and ready to take on the weeks matches. Our goal is to stay diligent and fight off complacency as we aim to hold on to the number one position.”

– Charlie, Head Coach


Pete ‘frequency‘ Curulli




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