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POSTED BY Team.GG June 25, 2020 in OPL News
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We couldn’t have asked for a better week off the back of a 0:2 week two performance in the Oceanic Pro League, as we saw our boys take it to the top dogs of the competition, Legacy Esports, and secure an important win over Gravitas this past weekend.

Despite losing to Legacy Esports in our opening match of week three, we still managed to put on an absolute thriller of a show for the viewers at home – trading objectives back and forth, base racing each other and dragging the match out for forty nail biting minutes. Many have titled it as the match of the split so far!

PGG vs Legacy Esports

Coming into game one of the weekend, Legacy Esports remained undefeated for split two and of course were riding the high of being crowned champions of split one. Although despite all that, we were one of the only teams to pick up a win over them during split one, so there was definitely some confidence coming out of the PGG camp.

Compositions for this match remained quite standard to the current meta for both sides, so we were definitely strapped in for a match that would be determined by each team’s micro and macro plays across the rift.

Following some back and forth kill trading and a couple drakes for us, we found ourselves in the bottom lane breaking their inhibitor and a single nexus turret just after 20 minutes. Meanwhile, Legacy Esports were in our top lane trying to do the same – a hilarious base race.

Thankfully we edged out on top with the progression, as BioPanther managed to stop Legacy in their tracks before even touching our inhibitor, which left Legacy with an open base after the 25 minute mark.

Nonetheless, the game continued to stall out with a wide variety of team fights and picks for both sides. But Legacy seemed to be coming out on top with the trades, up until Praedyth picked up a triple kill around the dragon pit to secure the infernal soul. Legacy were definitely not happy with that, as we found ourselves fighting under our nexus turrets only a few short minutes later.

After some huge displays of teamwork from our team, we managed to hold Legacy off under our nexus turrets and pushed ourselves towards the elder drake for one more fight. Unfortunately Legacy managed to edge out here and inturn, closed out the match right on forty minutes.

An impressive match nonetheless – something we can definitely be proud of in regards to coming back strong off the back of a 0:2 performance the week prior!

PGG vs Gravitas

It’s not everyday you witness a pentakill secured off the back of a quadrakill in a competitive match of League of Legends and we definitely didn’t expect it to happen coming into our match against Gravitas.

A little different to our match against Legacy, we decided to go with a more scaling-based composition against Gravitas. Gravitas took full advantage of our decision to do this in the early stages of the match, as we found ourselves at a four kill deficit before giving an answer – that answer was two kills picked up by Praedyth and BioPanther in the middle lane.

Once we found ourselves giving an answer to Gravitas, we managed to stagnate the game for sometime before Gravitas had enough and decided to force a fight around the baron pit – a decision they likely regret coming out of the match – as Getback put on an absolute masterclass performance in the pit and secured a quadrakill on his Kassadin pick.

Given that Gravitas had picked up soul point during the early stages of the match, we were forced to fight to secure an infernal drake to ensure they did not secure the infernal soul. What came next definitely wasn’t expected.

opl split 2 week 3

Whilst the team fought the drake, Pabu and Getback came from behind the dragon pit to fight all five members of Gravitas. After a heroic play from Pabu to take on every single member of the opposing side on his Sett pick, Getback came flying in to secure four kills off of one singular Kassadin ult and then chased down the last remaining player to secure our first pentakill of the Oceanic Pro League.

Once that was said and done, the team regrouped towards the middle lane and closed out the match absolutely speechless from Getback and Pabu’s play!

Words From Our Coach – @Westonway

Head Coach of our Oceanic Pro League team, Scott “Westonway” Farmer, spoke about the teams overall performance this past weekend and how they feel about the results shown.

“Overall we’re really happy with our results over Legacy and Gravitas, despite ultimately coming out with an even result.”

“Against Legacy we were able to put up a strong contest, with the game going back and forth until the end. Ultimately we were not good enough to close out, but the game nevertheless showed the progress we have been working hard on.”

“In the Gravitas game we fell significantly behind in the early game. Despite the game looking shaky early on, the boys kept their cool and we’re able to comfortably bring it back with some superb team fighting with our scaling composition.” – Scott “Westonway” Farmer, OPL Head Coach.

Pentanet.GG will be returning to the rift this weekend with matches against both Avant Gaming and The Chiefs – be sure to catch both the matches!

vs. Avant Gaming / 26-06 / 4:00PM AEST
vs. The Chiefs / 27-06 / 4:00PM AEST

You can catch all of the action live over on the Riot Oceania Twitch account.

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